Scandal inspired dining table

Made as a commission to fit a specific space in the kitchen/diner taking inspiration from the boardroom table in the TV series Scandal. I thicknessed and planed the reclaimed wood taking care to choose interesting grain patterns that would later show through. Once fitted to a plywood backing, sanded and edged, each strip was individually dyed over and over until I got the required colours. the base was kept simple and chunky and was painted in blackboard paint. the whole table was then treated to 4 coats of polyurethane varnish and polished to a beautiful shine. Then rinse & repeat for the macthing bench This is now in situ as a family dining table and will hopefully be loved for many years!
Material: reclaimed wood, redwood & plywood
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Scandal inspired table 4
Scandal inspired table 1
Scandal inspired table 2
Scandal inspired table 3